Commit b64cc648 authored by Keith Bennett's avatar Keith Bennett

Add named constants for the grid stagger

parent 2753126a
......@@ -1578,6 +1578,7 @@ MOD_INIT(sdf)
PyObject *m;
char *s;
long i;
MOD_DEF(m, "sdf", "SDF file reading library", SDF_methods)
......@@ -1595,6 +1596,8 @@ MOD_INIT(sdf)
PyModule_AddStringConstant(m, "__library_commit_date__", s);
if (s)
for (i=0; i < sdf_stagger_len; i++)
PyModule_AddIntConstant(m, sdf_stagger_c[i], i);
SDFType.tp_dealloc = SDF_dealloc;
SDFType.tp_flags = Py_TPFLAGS_DEFAULT;
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