Commit 91b52967 authored by Keith Bennett's avatar Keith Bennett

Merge branch 'bugfix/cmake-fixes' into 'master'

Fix an incorrect type of a CMake cache variable

See merge request SDF/SDF_FORTRAN!32
parents 56dadd70 0cdbaf21
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ file(GLOB_RECURSE SOURCE_ALL CMakeLists.txt Makefile* *.f90 ${PACK_FILES})
set(PACK_SOURCE_CODE 1 CACHE STRING "Pack source code")
set(PACK_GIT_DIFF 1 CACHE STRING "Pack git diff")
set(PACK_GIT_DIFF_FROM_ORIGIN 1 CACHE STRING "Pack git diff from origin")
set(GENERATE_CHECKSUM 1 CACHE 1 "Generate checksum")
set(GENERATE_CHECKSUM 1 CACHE STRING "Generate checksum")
set(F77_OUTPUT 0)
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