Commit 14aab523 authored by Keith Bennett's avatar Keith Bennett

Add include directory to simplify external Makefiles

The typical method of compiling against SDF is to add the include
directory from this repository to the list of include paths. This can
cause problems when the directory does not exist. There are other
possible approaches to fixing the problem but just ensuring that the
directory always exists seems to be the easiest.
parent 5e132e71
......@@ -248,7 +248,7 @@ clean:
$(RM) -rf $(OBJDIR)
$(RM) -rf $(OBJDIR) $(INCDIR) $(LIBDIR) $(SRCDIR)/sdf_source_info.f90
$(RM) -rf $(OBJDIR) $(INCDIR)/* $(LIBDIR) $(SRCDIR)/sdf_source_info.f90
# help page
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